28-Day Reset Challenge by Cassey Ho


If you follow my blog, you should know that I’m trying to be as healthy as possible this year and there is one person that always keep me motivated – Cassey from Blogilates. I’ve been following her for more than 2 years now and I’m in love with her and her amazing workouts. In the beginning of 2017 she started a challenge called „28-day reset challenge“ and invited  us all to join. So I did.

In these 28 days you are not allowed to eat any dairy foods, no gluten, no added sugar, no processed foods and no alcohol. The harder part for me was no dairy and it’s still hard I confess. But I focus more on fruits and vegetables and I’m always full. Today is my 8th day and I can say that I just feel amazing – never hungry, energetic. My body reacts very well to this, my skin looks more healthier, too. I’m even more happy than I used to be. This challenge is not just for the body but also for the mental condition.

Because I see all those positive changes in myself – out side and inside, I invite you all to try it, it’s hard but also it’s worth it. In Cassey’s blog (link) you can find all the information you need, there is free PDF file that explains everything clearly. You can combine the challenge with her 28 HIIT workouts or just with her monthly calendar which is all free.


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